If you wish to organize your contacts or companies Legrand Cloud CRM gives you the ability of grouping them into multiple lists.

Using Tags

A "Tag" is a label you give a contact, in order to group them together for fast retrieval and processing.

For example you may wish to assign a tag for those who are on the Christmas card list.

To assign or remove tags to the current contact simply click on the "Add/Remove tags" link in the contact detail screen.


Simply click on any of the tags to be transferred to the Contacts or Companies Search screen.

The information box at the top right of the search screen shows a list of the top 10 keyword assignments and the number of contacts in each list. When you select a tag, a list of contacts or companies will return and you are able to export this as an excel file.

You can also bulk add and remove tags to these lists, if you have the correct user permissions