Security management is key to ensuring the protection of your data. Within a company, roles are created for various job functions. The permissions to perform certain operations are assigned to specific roles. Users are assigned a particular role. A user is a staff member who needs to view the records. The user role permissions are defaulted and can be changed. Access to the functions is determined by the owner or administrator. 

The User Roles in Legrand Cloud CRM include Read Only, Standard User and Manager. The permissions for 'Read Only' users enable team members to only view the data. Permissions for a 'Standard User' enables team members to read and write access to the data. Their specific permissions are set by the Manager. Managers have complete access to the data. Managers can invite or suspend other users and set specific permissions.

To set up a new user, go to the Administration panel in Legrand Cloud CRM. Under 'Account', click on 'Users'

In the new window, type in the Name and Email address of the new user. After you type in the name and email, select the User Role then click 'Invite a User'.

After that, Legrand Cloud CRM will require you to confirm your details. Once you confirm that the Name and Email Address is correct, click 'Send Invitation'. This will send an email invitation to the team member. 

Legrand CRM will display a confirmation message once the email invite has been sent to the new user. 

The pending invite can be seen below. You can either re-send the email invitation or delete it.