Custom Fields are additional fields you can add to your contact or company screens to capture information specific to your requirements. These fields can be used in reporting and can be used as the search criteria when conducting an advanced search.


Legrand CRM stores Company and Contact custom fields separately.
I.e. Custom fields created for a contact can only be applied to contacts and Custom Fields created for a Company can only be applied to Companies.   

To create a Custom Field:

  1. Drill down into any Contact/Company and expand the details dropdown.

    If you are creating a custom field for the first time click on the Click Here button.

    If you already have custom fields existing, drill-down into a Contact/Company, expand the details dropdown and click on the Edit Layout/Add Fields button.

    You will now be presented with a customizable page in which you can add, delete and edit Custom Fields, as well as customize the number of columns, column width and Custom Field label width to best suit your needs.

  2. Click on the Add Custom Field button.

  3. Choose a Custom Field type and enter a field caption.

    There are five types of custom fields: Textbox, Number, Date, Checkbox, and Dropdown. Each custom field has its own ‘Caption’ with variable width size. Easily create Custom Fields and drag and drop within a column, or across columns to perfectly arrange the layout. Creating the Custom Fields is typically done in set-up when you define what type of detailed information you want to track about your customers and contacts.

  4. Click Save to create the field.

To populate a Custom Field:

  1. Drill down into a contact/company.

  2. Click on Edit

  3. Expand the Details dropdown and enter your Custom Field value. (In this example, a tick box for On Maintenance)

  4. Click Save to populate the custom field.