Conditional Formatting enables you to change the font and colour for emails that have been transferred into Legrand Cloud CRM. Conditional Formatting enables you to easily scan through your Outlook inbox to identify which emails have been transferred. In the example, you can visually identify that the top email was transferred to Legrand Cloud CRM based on the formatting rule we have created in this guide. 

To implement the Conditional Formatting, open your Outlook Account and go to the section 'View'. Click on 'View Settings', then select 'Conditional Formatting'

Click on 'Add' to create a new rule. 

Type in the name for the rule to associate it with Legrand CRM. 

Click Font... to change the font and colour displayed for transferred emails. To save your changes to the font, click 'OK'. 

To create the formatting condition for the rule click on 'Condition...' and go to the section 'Advanced'. Define the criteria by typing in the name of the User-defined field in Inbox called 'NOTEID'. Under Condition select 'is not empty' then click 'Add to List'. Once you have created the criteria, click 'OK'