Once you have installed the Legrand Outlook AddIn and it is visible in Outlook:

  1. Click on Connect.

  2. Click on Select to define a new connection or select an existing one.

  3. Click on Add New.

  4. Choose Legrand Cloud CRM as the connection type. 

  5. Set up your connection details.

    Connection Name can be of your personal choice and is used to identify the connection. E.g. “Cloud CRM account 1.”

    Your Account Number is the 5 digit number which can be found at the top of the Legrand Cloud CRM screen when logged in.

    Login Email is the email you use to login to Legrand Cloud CRM. 

  6. Click Test Connection to ensure that the Legrand Outlook AddIn can successfully connect to your Cloud CRM account.

  7. If the details are correct, click on Save, then Select this connection.

Congratulations, your Outlook AddIn is now setup!

Your Legrand Outlook AddIn can now connect to your Cloud CRM account to send and receive data