Typically Legrand CRM is used as a  company centric CRM with each individual contact affiliated with a company. 


In some instances you may have an individual  who is not part of a company and you are able to enter these contacts as stand-alone individuals. 


Please note that creating a mix of  individual contacts and company associated contacts can cause confusion if you ever wish to assign or perform searches on company tags, company type etc. In most cases it is preferable to create a uniform database by creating a company under that individuals name and then list the same individual as a contact in their company.


If you do wish to create a stand-alone individual contact not associated with a company please follow the steps below.


1.  From within the Contacts Module, select Create New.


You can see that the contact on the  example screen shot below is associated with the Company ABBA Enterprises.


2. A Create Contact form will pop up – fill in the relevant details and ensure that there are no Business details recorded on the right hand side (simply press clear to disassociate a contact from a company).

Once all the details are filled in you will have an individual record – confirmed by the fact that no company name details are listed under their name.