The patch update to Office 2016 / 365 which started distributing in early September 2018 has a flaw. As a result the Outlook AddIn pane can become detached from the reading pane in Outlook, appearing as a separate window on the desktop with a title 'AdxTaskPane'. This issue affects many AddIns, not just that from Legrand CRM, but impacts only Office 2016 / 365 - earlier releases of Microsoft Office are unaffected. It has been acknowledged as a fault by Microsoft and will (presumably) be corrected in a subsequent patch release.

In the meantime the following workaround will prevent this behaviour from occurring:

  • Open the Outlook Application and navigate to File > Options > General > User Interface options
  • Select Optimize for compatibility (application restart required)
  • Restart Outlook

See   and  for more information.