Legrand Cloud CRM is highly configurable to suit your business needs. You can record additional information in the 'Details' panel and configure the layout. Select 'Click here' to define as many data fields as you need within the 'Details' panel. 

In the new screen, use the drop-down list to decide on how many columns you need in the information panel and specify the label width. After you have selected a number of columns, click and drag the icons left or right to the change the width of the columns. 

Use the red plus icon to add new custom data fields within each column. Specify the 'Field Type' and type in a name for 'Field Caption'. The 'Field Type' includes Text box, Number, Date, Checkbox and Dropdown. After you have defined your data field, click 'Save'. You can also remove or edit the caption. Once you have configured the data fields and layout, click 'Back' to view the changes to the opportunity record.

After you create the custom data fields, simply click 'Edit' in the opportunity record to store information as needed. 

Enter information in the fields below and click 'Save'.